Global Solutions to Solve Grower Needs

Global Solutions to Solve Grower Needs Meister Media Worldwide novembro 12, 2022

Através de uma abordagem prática nascida da experiência local, nossas soluções ajudam a resolver os problemas dos agricultores durante as várias estações - Aumente o rendimento e a qualidade das suas colheitas.

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Not Just Promises.

We are committed to being your partner throughout the entire growing season, providing you with a robust portfolio of solutions built by a deep understanding of your local needs across crops, regions, and physiological stages. Our products meet our rigorous quality processes to ensure excellent application and rapid absorption by plants, providing proven results for growers around the world.

Strong Start
Strong Starts

Solutions to support and strengthen crops during Initial stages

Melhor performance

Solutions to support the plant’s hormonal balance, increased photosynthesis, and better use of natural resources to physiological stress.

Efficient Water and Nutrient Use

Solutions to support nutritional balance and prevent or correct mineral deficiencies for better plant development and resistance to disease.

Boosted Immunity

Solutions to support a plant’s internal metabolism, overall nutrition and health for better resistance to disease.

Stress Mitigation

Solutions to support a plant’s health in less-than-ideal environmental conditions.

Enhanced Quality and Yield

To support firm flowering and fortification of fruits, helping crops finish the production season strong.

Solving Grower Needs: Strong Starts

Providing crops with the nutrition they need at the right moments is key to a successful season.

Our products that support strong starts help plants sprout faster and form stronger, more robust root structures.

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Solving Grower Needs: Better Performance and Plant Hormones

Why focus on plant hormones? Because they control every aspect of a plant’s ability to grow. 

And as plants face increased external stressors such as drought or disease, hormone levels are effected. Stoller® provides science backed solutions to support the plant and help it reach its growing potential.