Stoller Announces Organizational Changes Meister Media Worldwide January 19, 2022

Stoller Announces Organizational Changes

For Immediate Release

Houston, Texas (Business Wire) January 19, 2022

Stoller has announced two important changes in its organizational structure effectively immediately, both of which are targeted to enable the flawless execution of its Customer Centric Strategy in all geographies.

First, Rodrigo Oliveira has been appointed the role of Global Chief Operation Officer – COO effective immediately with direct responsibility over the team of Regional Vice Presidents of Subsidiaries as well as Global Regulatory, Global Operations and Global Commercial Excellence. Rodrigo has a proven and successful track record of more than 20 years of experience with the company and most recently led the Meso-South America and Asia Oceania region. He brings a significant experience with sales and marketing to the team.

Second, Stoller has made the following adjustment in its regions globally, to improve end-customer proximity and providing focus on delivering valuable solutions to their growing farming needs. Our subsidiaries are reorganized into four regions as follows:

USCA REGION (USCA and Central America): Canada, USA, Mexico, Central America & Caribbean regions will be led by Greg Warren as Vice President of Subsidiaries USCA.

LATAM REGION (LATIN AMERICA): Colombia, Ecuador, Peru, Bolivia, Brazil, Paraguay, Chile, Argentina, and Uruguay regions will be led by Tiago Gontijo appointed now as Vice President of Subsidiaries LATAM.

ASIA PACIFIC (Asia and Oceania): Australia, China, Philippines, India, and Singapore. All General Managers located in these subsidiaries will continue to report directly to Rodrigo.

EMEA REGION (Europe, Middle East and Africa): Europe, Russia, Ukraine, Turkey, South Africa and Africa regions will continue to be led by Sergio Aguilar Vice President of Subsidiaries EMEA.

For the position changes, there will be a period of transition to ensure responsibilities are appropriately managed.

We hope that these changes will maximize the synergies between different areas and regions of the Stoller Group, promoting significant advances towards our future goals and strengthening us as one great Stoller.

About Stoller

Stoller is a multinational plant science company that operates in 56 countries whose vision is to deliver proven plant performance solutions that empower customer’s sustainability. Stoller is focused on maximizing plant productivity by using plant hormones, nutrition, minerals, micro components, and extracts to manage abiotic stress and hormone balance in crops. For more than 50 years, Stoller has developed science based proven, innovative, quality solutions to offset crop yield losses by helping maximize the full generic potential in plan and increasing yield and profit for progressive growers.


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